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Hosted by Tennent’s and Mharsanta

Available for private groups of 10 or more

Beer Pairing and Scottish Dining Experience



Brought to you by Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery and Mharsanta

Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery has been part of Scotland and its culture for generations. Our historic brewery has been producing award winning brews since 1885, and now it’s your chance to discover how we make Tennent’s so special.

Mharsanta, a new contemporary Scottish restaurant located in the heart of Merchant City and known for its home-cooked tasty Scottish dishes has partnered with Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery to bring you a beer pairing experience along with some great Scottish favourites.

The beer tasting will be delivered by an expert master brewer from Tennent’s Brewery Keith Lugton. Across the tasting experience you will sample 5 fantastic home-cooked Scottish classics accompanied by some of the favourites from the Tennent’s range.

Keith’s role as Master Brewer reaches into all areas of the business, ensuring quality of ingredients to consistency of the beers produced at Wellpark. One of his core concerns is with innovation and new product development such as new beers for Scotland and international markets. Keith has carried out tastings across the world representing Tennent’s in countries as far as South Korea, Singapore and Italy. Keith’s favourite part of the job? The daily tasting session that takes around 15 minutes each day before the final brew is ready for packaging!

Pairing 1

Tennent’s Lager

‘Scotland’s Favourite Pint’ – this well balanced lager has malt sweetness from the mixture of malted barley and wheat and hoppy (bitter) characters. Neither too sweet nor bitter but balanced blend of both characters.  All this lends itself to a very “moreish” product.  4% abv.

Paired with mini fish and chips - Freshly landed hand battered Peterhead haddock fillet served with thick cut chips & tartare sauce

Pairing 2

Tennent’s Export IPA   

Some subtle fruity / estery notes. These are dominated by strong malty grainy flavours along with a punch hoppy character. The beer is distinctly bitter with a lingering bitter aftertaste as you would expect from an IPA. This beer is medium to full bodied using a mix of lager malt and crystal malt. It is triple hopped using US Zeus hop for bittering, then US Cascade as a late hop and finally dry hopped using more Cascade post fermentation.

Paired with a Scottish classic – Haggis, Neeps and Tatties served with a whisky cream sauce

Pairing 3

Tennent’s Whisky Oak 

A medium-bodied beer with a truly Scottish spirit.  Bold smoky aromas, sweet and subtly fruity flavours, all crowned by a warming aftertaste.  Truly a chieftain of the beer race

Paired with Shetland Island Mussels served with a Provencale sauce

Pairing 4

Scotch Ale 

A full-bodied strong ale with a soft side.  Subtle fruit flavours and a touch of hops, followed by a warm, welcoming finish of caramel and malt.  It’s the beer equivalent of sitting next to a crackling fireplace.

Paired with braised lamb shank in a rich butterbean stew served with clapshot

Pairing 5

Tennent’s Export Stout

A dashingly handsome stout. Strong-roasted, medium-bodied and pleasantly sweet, with indulgent notes of chocolate, treacle and coffee.  Topped off with a balanced bitter aftertaste. The perfect beer for talking about Hobbs, Marx, Messi and Mourinho.

Paired with homemade Chocolate Brownie served with hot fudge sauce & vanilla ice cream

Tickets for this event are priced at £34 per person inclusive of master brewer, food and ½ pint of Tennent’s per pairing